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Commercial Awnings for Climate Control

From ancient Egyptian times onward, the best entrepreneurs have used awnings to protect their customers from the weather. In the very old days, a commercial awning was just a woven mat for shade over your market stall. Then the Syrians came up with the idea of weaving a name or logo into the mat, and the custom commercial awning was born. Now you can simply call Sunset Neon for the best weatherproof, eye-catching designs in digital signs and commercial and custom awnings.

Sunset Neon Commercial Awnings to Dress Up Your Building

For 30 years, Sunset Neon has been supplying their growing client base with professional design, fabrication, and installation of all types of awnings, from tasteful residential applications to large commercial projects. With Sunset Neon awnings, you can shelter your clients from the elements—just place your awning above a door or window, or over the whole sidewalk area. You’ll have a windbreak, a sunshade, and a safeguard from rain and snow. At the same time, you’re enhancing the look of your premises—a commercial awning defines your window and attracts attention to your business.

Sunset Neon Custom Awnings for Advertising

As well as the weatherproofing and window-dressing benefits, Sunset Neon commercial awnings work as signs. Your custom awnings can advertise your business to passersby and reflect your corporate image. Whether you’re a national chain or a ‘mom & pop,’ Sunset Neon has the flexibility to put the latest technology in commercial awnings to work for you, fast. With lettering, graphics, or illumination to enhance its attractions, your Sunset Neon commercial awning can soon be defining your shop-front and displaying your branding to the world.

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