Dave Talks- Understanding Sign and Electrical Permits in Canada

A photo f a Canadian flag on a flagpole blowing in the wind

In Canada, the safety of people is very important. There are many laws and rules that need to be followed to keep everyone safe. Each municipality is responsible for overseeing these rules related to building, electrical and sign work and permits. There are different rules in each province. 

Municipality Permits

a colourful drawing of a map of Canada highlighting the provinces.

According to the Ontario Building Code, if you want to build something or change something on your property, you have to get permission from your town or city first by obtaining a permit. You also have to indicate any safety hazards with signs to make others aware. If you’re an employer, you have to put up signs to keep your workers safe too.

Sign Permit

A yesco truck servicing a business sign

There are also rules about putting up signs to advertise your business. You have to get permission from your town or city to do this, and you have to follow specific rules about where the sign can go, what it can say, and how it can be built. Not complying with the rules and regulations can result in a fine.

Electrical Permit

a women, wearing a hardhat, is crouched down working on an electrical panel

There are also rules about electricity. If you want to do anything with your electrical wiring, you have to get permission by obtaining a permit and the company providing the service must be a licensed electrical contractor. The permit will ask for very specific details about the work that is being completed. Following the specifics of the permit is very important to keep everyone safe.


Finally, there are rules about how much energy your signs can use and how bright your parking lot lights can be.  Some communities require “Dark Sky” compliance. You have to use energy in a way that’s good for the environment and follow the rules of your town or city.

Not following these laws can not only be costly with fines but can cause harm to those completing the work as well as bystanders. It’s really important to stay safe and follow the rules in Canada!  YESCO can help you to make sure your property is safe, and the project is compliant.