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Design Engineering

With a team of designers, we are often asked how to make a certain concept come to life. We are happy to pull from our years of Industry experience to build a sign that will last for years.

Neon (Gas Tube) Bending

Sunset maintains a fully operational neon glass bending lab to support local manufacturers. But, remain happy to repair neon that people bring in.

Research & Development

Further to engineering, when we are uncertain about a concepts visibility, we are happy to begin the research and development cycle to ensure what works on paper will work in the real world.

Pneumatic Sheering And Break Forming

Sunset has made a significant capital investment in this machinery to remove potential human error in manufacturing when making large wall cladding. By automating this process the machines can be programmed once but capable of running multiple units.

Double Cell Paint Booth

Using an automotive paint system, Sunset’s paint booth can heat final product to accelerate the drying process. Having a double cell booth allows for cells to isolate one colour processing from the other, doubling the speed.

Full Vinyl, Digital Printing, Laminating

Sunset has a full service vinyl application and digital printing department with the latest in machinery that will cost effectively complete projects to last!

Full Installation And Service Department

With a department and multiple employable vehicles, Sunset can manage all Installations needed to service your project.

Project Management Department

Concentrating on both the “Big Picture” and the small but crucial details, our team of project managers will guide you through the entire process from inspiration to installation.

LED Retrofit

Sunset LED Retrofit offers a full suite of services. Including upgrading your existing signage to energy efficient LED technology to ensure that your signs will remain bright, visible and maintenance free for years to come.

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