Our Recent Projects

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R & D

Sunset enjoys working on fun and interesting new projects and the challenges that come with the client requests for interesting projects.  Please come to our

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Digital Display

Digital displays are becoming more popular used on wall application and integrated into pylon designs, where permitted.  When coupled with a static, brand image, both

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Awnings are an effective method of offering shelter (from precipitation) over doors, windows and sidewalks while also providing branding opportunities by using corporate coloured materials

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Fascia Sign Boxes

Facia signs features: Inlaid Infilled & backed up plastic Sunset does build fascia signs that are the classic illuminated box sign that illuminates.  We try

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Sunset remains one of a few manufacturers to have retained an in-facility neon laboratory. Because of that we have the pleasure of creating and repairing

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Pylon Signs

Pylon signs continue to be the most robust method to capture the attention of passersby while also intriguing them to come into purchase. Pylons also

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